SM6BGP on 500 kHz.
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Dynamic Vertical Antenna (never ending story) for 500 kHz.

For the Radio Amateur, it's not neccessary to have an answer to the
question "why did you do it?", the fact that something poses an
interesting technical challenge is often reason enough!

Visible rock before the drilling work, where the antenna
system will be placed, project start September 2009.
This telescopic aluminum tower from Cue Dee will be the base
in the antenna system.
Work to isolate the tower from ground has started up.
Old man cleaning up those 45 mm holes that where first done with a cutting torch in the 20 mm bottom steel plate.
Some mig-welding work to fix the pieces at correct places.
Close picture of one welded point and a 45 mm hole in the steel plate.
Bottom steel plate welded all around and ready for painting.
Welded with power and big electrodes.
Göran Foghammar with his diamond drilling machine.
My buddy Göran shows one of todays heavy drill cores.
Drill work with the insulators in my Lathe.
More work in the Lathe with the insulators.
The bottom plate now painted and ready.
Insulators to the vertical antenna tower.
4 pieces of 15 mm thick steel washers to carry the
vertical antenna tower from Cue Dee.
Some welding work to be done, just making a tool for concrete
constructional work. Stainless steel threaded rods in place.
The tool is welded and ready!
Ready for concrete constructional work!
Old man in mixing business with a drilling machine.
All holes filled up and the threaded rods still in place.
A form to be filled with concrete is just produced and in place.
Form is filled with concrete!
Cleaning up the area where the tower will lay down.
Husky chainsaw, a typical antenna tool?
Concrete fundament finished, some parts in place.
Steel plate mounted between insulators.
Bottom part of the telescopic tower mounted and ready.
SA6AMV (my son), Torbjörn "Linda" Lind and Stig "Stisse" Strömberg help me to mount the Cue Dee Alu-Tower.
Tower mounted to the bottom part.
Tower finally erected and a good way up in the air.
If the antenna pipe is too long, just make a hole in the wall,
6 meter 50 mm aluminum pipe in my Storebro Lathe.
Other end of the aluminum pipe through the wall and outside the antenna workshop... ;-)
Connection to the top pipe in the tower.
All pipes delivered to antenna place, 18 meter on top of tower.
Alu-plate on top of the Cue Dee telescope tower.
The stack of oak wood grows every day!
Connection to the top pipe in the tower instead of a rotator.
Tower antenna without top-cap, a total length of 24 meter.
Test with a fishing rod in the top, total length 30 meter.
Center part of ground plane system on the planning board.
Copper and brass pipes to be welded together.
And here's the result, brass pipes to carry the copper frame!
Copper frame in center position.
Paper tubes filled with concrete and frame in balance.
Old man with ground plane wire drum, waiting for the boat.
Young man, SA6AMV-Henrik, captain of the boat.
View from the boat when we were dropping wires!
The center with the growing amount of wires!
ATU # 1 under construction...
Coil is almost finished, check with the AADE LC-meter.
ATU # 1 installated and ready for more adjustments...
Center part of the top-cap under construction.
Top cap in mother nature, one fishing rod in place.
All three fishing rods mounted with copper wire inside.
Picture from the top side.
Top cap 24 meter up and seems to work ok now.
More and more wires connected to the copper pipes.
New top-cap on the workbench, to be like a giant umbrella.
Angle grinder to cut out the profile from 5 mm al-plate.
The center is ready, only the fishing rods is missing.
Photo from top side of the new top-cap center.
Picture of the new Top-cap with 6 meter foldable fishing rods.
Nice picture of the antenna system at sunset in december.
New ATU # 2 under construction...
A handy matching transformer...
ATU # 2 completed.
ATU # 2 installed a cold december day, works just fine!

View from lake side winter 2009-2010.

New L-Antenna in the air october 2010, works great!
5 oak trees down to free a gate for the L-antenna wire.
No need for a variometer anymore, just a wire in the air. Another view from the lake side, antenna and station house.
Modification of the tower to get a bit higher up... :-) Top plate ready with a new 150 mm hole.
Inside the top part of the new 150 mm aluminum tube. 70 mm tube fits into the top part of the 150 mm tube.
Bottom part of the new big aluminum tube. This unwelded part is to be mounted at the top of the tower.
Welding work to get the aluminum tubes together. Complete new part with a 70 mm aluminum tube inserted.
The new 150 mm tube connected to the tower. Telescopic top 12 meter tube connected to 150 mm tube,
XYL calling for medical help to the OM... ;-)
Tower in the air, but not yet at top hight. Tower erected and works just fine!
My son SA6AMV digging to improve earth plane. Next hole in the ground, hardworking junior...
Aluminum disc in the ground connected to earth plane. New coil in the ATU for fine adjustment on 472 kHz.
New coilbox at backside of the tower for longwave work. Adding 980 uH gets the system in resonance at 136 kHz.

Best 73's de SM6BGP/Gunnar

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